• Dick "Den's" Irradiates (cosmic and raw guitar, backing vocals)
  • Arno DeCea (brutal surf Guitar)
  • Macst Irradiates (supersonic bass and vocals)
  • Buanax Irradiates (interstellar drums and chemical effects)


Since 2007, the four scientist musicians (former HAWAII SAMURAÏ, STEF & ARNO, ANTENNA TRES and
LOST BOYS members) work in research and development at the Scientific Surf Rock Research Department
under the aegis of the distinguished Pr. Freder.
The fruits of their labour about the impact of sound on human brain led them to record their second album
«Audio Mental Manipulation Device» (2010) with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio.
After publishing more than 200 reports in about 20 countries during their stage conferences, they are now
coming back in 2014 with a brand new album untitled «Revenge Of The Plants», produced by Jim Monroe
(Adolescents, Bomboras, C.J. Ramone, Ghastly Ones...)
Ready for new missions, The IRRADIATES keep on exploring the unknown in order to promote this new
sonic botanical project.